Preparing Tracks For Mixing

A few steps to ensure the best quality mix and the fastest return:

  1. Send your files in the highest quality audio format. WAV and AIFF are lossless and the best option. And hopefully we're all recording at at least 24 bit depth.

  2. Bounce a rough mix.  This is so i can get the feeling you are trying to convey with your song, and will help when making mix decisions.

  3. Remove (disable) all plugins and automation

  4. Consolidate all tracks to zero.  This is important so that all your tracks have the same start point, and can be lined up correctly.

    • ​To do this in Protools:

      • Highlight every track from the end of the song, all the way to the zero mark. 

      • Select EDIT -> CONSOLIDATE CLIP, or SHIFT -> OPTION -> 3

      • This action is fairly similar in all other DAWs

A session before tracks are consolidated to the start


If sent as is, it will be adding unnecessary work in the mixing stage to line up the tracks as they were meant to be

Here is a different session where all tracks have been consolidated to the same start point.


Now all that's needed, is to load them into the DAW and start mixing.

5.  Locate your newly consolidated files in your designated harddrive,      and put them all in a new folder that is labeled with the song title        and BPM.  Also put your rough mix into that folder.

6.  Compress the newly labeled folder and send it over


*If you use Google Drive, you don't need to compress your folder,  simply upload it in Google Drive, and "Share" the specific files with us.  Share them with:


Upload the song folder you just created into Google Drive

When the folder is uploaded, right click, and select "Share"

When prompted, enter our address:

Please CONTACT us if you have any questions about the process, or if you'd like to use Google Drive, but unfamiliar with how it works